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Keep It Simple Chart Analysis is a weekly market letter focusing on quality stocks and ETFs that meet certain fundamental and technical characteristics.

Premium Membership privileges include:

1. Exclusive access to KIS Chart Analysis, which is updated four times each month.

2. Access to recorded video technical analysis.

3. The analysis will be delivered Sunday evening, so you can set alerts in your charting software platform by Monday morning.

4. The newsletter will review the current market conditions by analyzing the SPY (S&P 500), QQQ (Nasdaq market), and IWM (Russell 2000 market); in addition to, in-depth market analysis.

5. The report will address industry and sector rotation; along with, industry momentum to identify the hottest industries of the week.

6. Clear buy and sell suggestions calculated to maximize potential return and to help reduce downside risk.

7. Gives you a better understanding of trading strategies and methodologies.

8. Simple, understandable, straight forward, and easy to implement.

9. Teaches core concepts, which are critical for trading success.

10. Helping investors make informed decisions.

11. Providing self-directed investors with useful and timely information.

**** Don’t be intimidated by lack of knowledge or past failure in investing. Remember that investing is not easy. If you are determined to learn, then you will not miss out on one of the greatest opportunities to change the course and direction of your life.