About Us


CEO & Founder

Graduated with Bachelor of Science in Engineering

Earned an MBA in Finance

Was a Registered Investment Advisor with a Series 7 & 63 license

Worked in finance, manufacturing, telecommunications, and

commercial construction industries.

Set a lifelong goal: I was determined to become a very successful investor no matter how many years it took.

After graduating with my MBA in Finance, I became very interested in learning how to invest in the stock market. At the time, I only had theoretical knowledge and was lacking real world investing experience. I tried all of the investment styles from growth/value/income including everything from large to small companies. My capital continued to dwindle during this learning phase and nothing seemed to work using these well- known strategies: fundamentals, buy and hold, and diversification.

Then everything changed when I started to incorporate technical analysis into my buying and selling decisions. Understanding and using simple chart analysis enabled me to locate low risk entry points and control my downside risk. Now the desire to find the next big winner is what motivates and excites me on a daily basis.

Our Community Members:
  • Are tired of losing money in either their investment accounts or their tax-deferred retirement accounts such as their 401k and IRA.
  • Have been either laid off or quit their corporate jobs, so they are now seeking to replace their income.
  • Husband and/or Wife passed away and spouse needed additional income.
  • They have a professional or corporate job, in addition to, family commitments that don’t allow them enough time to research the stock market. They would like an opportunity to increase their investment income.
  • Would like to increase their income so they can go on vacation, buy a house, build a college fund or pay-off student loans.
  • Some couples and individuals are seeking retirement income.
  • Some people want to be financially independent and are motivated to learn more about investing.
  • Others have switched careers to become full-time traders.
  • Our members would like to take control of their own investment decisions because they feel that they have lost control or given-up control when other people manage their money.